Thomas Neave Goodman Esports Coach

I had the unique opportunity in being able to create a completely new Esports program for Siena Heights University, the program was the first varsity scholarship program in the State of Michigan. This opportunity allowed me to create the esports arena, including the purchase and design of the computers and room. In the first year we created five teams: an all-Women’s Overwatch team, a second Overwatch team, a Rocket League, Hearthstone and League of Legends teams. In the second year of the program we had 38 students in the program and competed in the ECAC, Tespa and CSL in seven different games.

Thomas Goodman First Person Shooters:

Overwatch (PC/PS4) (2017 - 2019): Highest Rank: Master 3661. Main characters played: Moira, Orisa and Torbjorn

Counter-Strike (2000 - 2015): CSGO Rank: 2001 Global Elite. 2001 Cyberathlete Professional League - 3rd Place, Electronic Sports League: 2001 Champion Seattle, 2001 5th Overall ESL Worlds, WCG 2001 (17th place), WCG 2002 (24th Place)

Unreal Tournament (1999-2000) WCG Challenge 2000 (8th Place)

Thomas Goodman Other Games:

Hearthstone: (2014-Current): Highest Level: Legend 194
League of Legends (2017-Current): Level Gold (Standard - Jungle), Plat (TFT)
Rocket League (2017- Current): Highest Ranks: Gold Two (Solo 3v3), Silver Three (Solo), Master 2 (3v3), Gold one (2v2), Gold three (Hoops)

Thomas Goodman MMOs:

World of Warcraft (Beta 2004 - 2011): Guild Master: Knights of Ni - Horde. Tauren Warrior - Server Firsts (year): Onyxia's Lair (04), Molten Core (04), Blackwing Lair (05), The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (06), Naxxramas (06), ruul's Lair (07), Magtheridon's Lair (07), Serpentshrine Cavern (07), Tempest Keep (07), Mount Hyjal (07), Black Temple (07), Sunwell Plateau (08), Naxxramas (08), Obsidian Sanctum (08), Eye of Eternity (08), Ulduar (09), Trial of the Grand Crusader (09), Icecrown Citadel (09), Ruby Sanctum (10), Blackwing Descent (10), Bastion of Twilight (10), Throne of the Four Winds (10), Firelands (10), Dragon Soul (11).

Everquest (Beta 1999 - 2006): Guild Fires of Heaven Veeshan Server - First Cleric on Veeshan server to level 50, First Epic 1.0 (2nd all servers) - Event Won: Best of the Best (2000/2001), Event Won: Firiona Vie Returns Series (2001) , First Beastlord to 60 Veeshan (The Shadows of Luclin), First Bl epic 1.0. First AoW solo as Cleric, Sleeper Woke and killed, Naggy, Vox, PoG, PoH, PoF, SSra all server firsts.


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